Jill: it is surely a fine thing when a grassroots movement is galvanized by a collective moral conscience, that is, to oppose the investor class ‘looting’ of the Commonwealth, the oligarch programme begun, e.g., in the Enclosure Acts.


But, ask if enthusiasm, popular appeal, emboldened by a sense of moral ‘right,’ etc., will suffice to counter the Thatcherite, seemingly pathological, now-global pursuit of capital. Was there any recent show from the Left more heartening, more focused, more actualized than the Occupy movement? And, further, did those guardians of the Right not suppress it, mercilessly, violently (via a mandate from ‘on high’), once its tactics, presence, etc., were perceived as a present danger, and so, the cause is stalled? This is not to promote a pessimist’s worldview but, rather, ‘know the enemy.’

Which is to say, we’re not confronted by a rational cohort open to reasoned appeals, sincerity, etc., but, rather, consider a parasitic element so single-minded in its manic ‘feeding frenzy,’ that not only does it mean destruction of the Other, its collective behaviour (given imprimatur by the Beltway and its media) suggests a self-destructive will to consume, i.e., even if that ‘consuming’ translated into its own demise. (Dr. Michael Hudson’s recent text Killing the Host points up this ‘driven’ nature.)

Yes, Frederick Douglass is correct to identify the ‘will to Power’ of tyrants, i.e, nothing is conceded without a demand. Tyrants, though, often exhibit a life drive: in addition to a despotic nature, on some level. at some moment, they will relent in order to survive. Be alert, then, to the likelihood that we’ve gone beyond the era of the ‘ignorant despot’ to another plane: e.g., consider those bellicose agents of the Beltway who argue to surviving a nuclear conflict. Douglass’ idea of the received ‘demand’ presupposes a rational recipient of same—no evidence of ‘the rational’ abides in a manic, addled Beltway.

By all means, be enthused, yes—and be aware, too, of the System’s aberrant, self-destructive urges…

Enclosure Acts