on resistance, and the 237-year-old narrative…

Aaron dead. World wanderers, we have lost a wise elder. Hackers for right, we are one down. Parents all, we have lost a child. Let us weep.
[Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of WWW, upon hearing of Aaron’s passing…]


Yes, by all means, let us mourn our loss—that’s correct, our loss, since Swartz’ activism was directed at the enemy of the Community, both in the immediate and global senses. And, let us not forget—ever—Aaron, both his name and what he took on his slim shoulders, the injustice and the inequity of it all, in a world driven mad by Late (finance) Capital, its acquisition and its ‘worship’. To perpetuate his memory, ideals, etc.—this is our responsibility.

Internet activist Aaron Swartz, hounded to his grave by Obama’s DoJ…

And, as we grieve (“to grieve well is to live well,” goes the old saw), let us remember that we also have another responsibility: to work at ensuring that we do not have yet other wakes to attend, to mourn, to grieve, of other beautiful, young idealists using the Internet to deliver the vast majority of humanity from the will of Power brokers and rentiers who almost demonically, it would seem, drive us on (all of us, including themselves) towards an abyss.


However we define it, whatever form it takes, let us re-dedicate ourselves to the same cause which informed the work Aaron took on—resisting the evil which informs our—America-as-Empire—almost 237-year-old narrative.


the working class under siege…


‘There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.’
Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway


The Great Taboo broken here is that of Empire, which would that mention of the phrase ‘working class’ be suppressed.

And, why might that be so? Why might it be the case that the State/corporate/MSM regime studiously avoids acknowledging the essential, malign effect of capital?

Mainly because it would risk alerting the slumbering giant—the overriding majority of the rank and file—that such a thing as ‘class’ even exists! That is, one of the ways that consent is manufactured to control those who have been marginalized by predatory capitalism—marginalized as a function of its top-down, exploitative hierarchy—is by perpetrating the ruse that we have 1) a democracy, where 2) ‘all men are created equal.’

That feint by those courting and wielding Power has great utility in that the working class is placated and tranquilized—drugged!—and thereby kept off balance as would-be activists. The psy-op process works something like this: ‘Even though I am a plumber’s assistant [or store clerk, or office worker, etc.], I am just as good as anybody else in this country and—by extension—in the world, since we Americans are exceptional!’

It is an utterly cynical tactic used by those preservers of the status quo, playing upon the worst features of a humanity beaten down by elitist interests—that is, it belies the actual antagonist (that identity purposely obscured) and, as victims are predisposed to become victimizers, it ultimately sets one worker against another, both globally and at home, as the true source of his immiseration is elided.

That is, (and, secondly), by broaching the term, its counterpoint–the investor class—is inevitably brought to the fore. This is problematic because now an antagonistic dyad (pairing off) has been determined and, therefore, also serves to alert the rank-and-file that there does, in fact, exist another collective of which 1) he is most certainly not a member, and 2) he is, in fact, shunned, feared, kept at a safe distance, etc.—literally, via housing/education/health care strata, and metaphorically, via elitist entitlements believed owed only to those comprising the rentier/property owning opulent minority.

The Hidden Injuries of Class

on victimhood…

It remains a sobering truth that ‘victim’ will never translate into ‘innocent,’ no longer ‘responsible’ (not in the sense of ‘blameworthy but, rather, of being fully engaged with one’s social milieu) no longer involved, etc. We never become ‘free’ of being ‘responsible’. We never cease being full participants, agents and actors in the unfolding of our environment—both in the immediate and global meanings. In a word: we are obligated.

We may, however, revise how we will respond as adult agents—this remains a highly viable, even consoling, option. But claiming a non-identity, non-participant, ‘neutral’ status—i.e., withdrawing—is never a choice we may adopt. In that sense we may never lay claim to a ‘this-has-nothing-to-do-with-me’ worldview because of a grievance, wound, etc., and believe we may no longer respond.

Our informed response—from each and every one of us—is a precept of life itself, and, we are charged with its issue. It is our mandate, and it is not altered or obviated via victimhood…

Sartre: l’homme est condamné à être libre.

We are involved, we are not existential ‘neuters’…

We will choose, and we will respond…

We remain obligated, and far from being an oppressive fact of the human condition, that we are enjoined to respond morally attests to our capacity for same…

Gazan child: Cast Lead…


(bullet holes courtesy US/Israeli hoodlums)…


gazan child

‘in many cases there is a well-founded concern that civilians were harmed as a result of Israel’s breach of the principles of distinction and proportionality’ [B’Tselem].


Imagine that.